10 times entire planets were destroyed in the anime

A good way to increase the stakes in any story is to kill all life on earth or blast it with a galaxy full of planets. Although this may seem impossible, it is actually a fairly normal occurrence in animation, especially in those with amazing powers.

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Whether a planet perishes during a cosmic and/or natural catastrophe or is deliberately destroyed by characters or factions, animation destruction on a planetary scale is never terrifying but impossible to look away from.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

10 Cowboy Bebop – The Stargate Accident Made Earth Uninhabitable

The ruins of the stargate accident in Cowboy Bebop

in a cowboy bebop, Interstellar space travel was accomplished by the Astral Gates. Thanks to these scientific wonders, people can travel between galaxies in a matter of hours. However, this was only possible through a fatal accident that forced humanity to colonize the stars and build portals in different solar systems.

In 2022, the first star portal built around Earth’s orbit exploded after a malfunction. The explosion devastated the moon, causing debris to fall to Earth and killing 4.5 billion people, destroying the entire surface. By the present of the anime, Earth has become a lifeless desert, with very few people on the planet remaining hidden underground.

9 Super Dimensional Macross Castle – The Zentradi has bombarded 95% of the Earth

Zentraedi destroys Earth in the ultra-dimensional Macross Castle

The war between the armies of Earth (UN Spacey) and Zentraedi was always doomed to be devastating, but it reached a point of no return when the Zentraedi armada nearly destroyed the enemy planet. Initially macross Halfway point for the anime, Golg Boddole Zer’s fleet of four million warships folded above the Earth’s atmosphere and wiped out its surface.

The next episode jumped two years later, during which it was revealed that the land had turned into a wasteland. Of the billions of residents, only a few barely a million survived and were trying to rebuild. The loss of life was so terrifying that humanity and Zentradi set up an uncertain peace, a few surviving characters fought to preserve it.

8 The End of Evangelion – The Third Effect Make the Earth Barren

Rey chases the horizon at the end of Evangelion

To be fair, Earth has been destroyed multiple times throughout the year Neon Genesis Evangelion, but the end of the world witnessed in End of Evangelion It was the most durable. After the third impact occurred just as SEELE planned, humanity was forcibly united into a sea of ​​LCL and irreparably destroyed the planet.

Although Shinji Ikari had given humanity the opportunity to regain its individuality if they chose it, the world to which any survivor would return was an uninhabitable place. Not only was the planet still drenched in primordial soup, but a little civilization left after the second impact was destroyed, which meant that the Earth was almost dead.

7 Devilman Crybaby – Satan is condemned to destroy the Earth forever

Devil mourns Akira in Devilman Crybaby

When Ryo Asuka recovered his memories through the UV path Devilman Crepebe He remembered that in fact it was the biblical Satan. As it turns out, amnesia and his life as a human were part of his punishment for disobeying God at the dawn of creation. In retaliation, Satan mustered a demonic army and burned the earth to ashes.

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The thing is, even the second demon rebellion was part of his eternal torment. Earth was Satan’s prison, where he was cursed to restore his memories, destroy the planet, and regret everything he had done for the rest of the time. The anime ended with Satan mourning alone on a dead planet, which was then modified so that he could suffer again.

6 Bocorano – 32,767 Earthquakes were destroyed on a regular basis

Kokopelli explains the fate of the land in Bokorano

The scariest truth Bokorano There weren’t 32,768 Parallel Earths fighting to survive, but those invisible Higher Powers routinely destroyed 32,767 Earths losing the contest. Even worse, no one knows exactly why they are doing this. At best, the Zearth child pilots thought whoever was behind it all did it for their own amusement.

Whether or not executing thousands of alter-earths was necessary for some greater cosmic good, the so-called masterminds did it in the most torturous way imaginable. by Bokorano‘s In the end, Earth’s pilots died to keep their planet safe and even exempt them from future “games”, but the price for this was paid with 32,767 planet Earth deaths.

5 Sailor Moon – Sailor Galaxy killed many planets for power

Sailor Galaxia collects star seeds in Sailor Moon

Despite what their heroic looks might suggest, sailor moonIconic magical girls actually have frightening powers. If only one sailor was evil and controlled their full power, they could easily wipe out an entire planet. This was what made Sailor Galaxia so terrifying, as she was once one of the most powerful scouts for sailors of the Milky Way before she turned evil.

With unspeakable power at her request, Sailor Galaxia roams the galaxy in search of star seeds that will help her take control of the universe. Along the way, planets that have gone beyond their purpose have been destroyed or disturbed by their mere existence. Sailor Galaxia did these things only because she fell under the influence of the Chaos, but she was still a galactic menace nonetheless.

4 Dragon Ball Z – Kid Buu eliminated countless planets during his rampage

Kid Buu enjoys the carnage in Dragon Ball Z

There are many people in Dragon Ball They are capable of destroying entire planets and galaxies, but Kid Boo is the most easily destructive. Five million years ago Dragon ball Z Kid Buu began a planet-killing tantrum and only stopped when he sucked up Grand Supreme Kai, mistakenly becoming a childish Majin Buu in the process.

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When the sadistic character Kid Buu reappears, he chases Son Goku and Vegeta across the universe while blasting away planets they weren’t on. Kid Buu also wiped out Earth in one attack, making him the only villain so far to have done so. Goku wished to return home with the Dragon Balls, but Kid Buu’s destruction persists.

3 Godzilla: The Planet Eater – King Ghidorah devouring planets across different realities

King Ghidorah fights Godzilla in Godzilla The Planet Eater

in every Godzilla Continuity, the eternal enemy of the King of the Beast, the three-headed King Ghidorah, is almost always portrayed as a planet-devouring cosmic horror. That being said, a CGI movie Godzilla: Planet Eater Currently featuring the most terrible King Ghidorah, who has been reimagined to become a true force of nature.

Unlike before, this King Ghidorah was a conscious mass of energy that devoured everything in its path. Even worse, King Ghidorah was worshiped by Exif, who traveled to different planets to present to their god. It is confirmed that King Ghidora devoured countless sacrificial planets before his defeat by Godzilla in the Planet Eater.

2 Space Runaway Ideon – The Ideon annihilated the entire universe

The world ends in fugitive space Ideon

big development Space Runaway Ideon Is that the Precious Energy Source (Ide) that the Terrans and Buff Clan were fighting for was actually conscious the entire time. Even worse, Ide was designing the mutually assured destruction of both races, given that his overarching goal was to exterminate all conscious life in the universe.

The Ide won the final film, summoned, when the Terrans and the Buff Clan killed each other. But before then, the major planets of both sides were devastated by the Eddy meteor strikes, leaving those on board the lonely ship and Gandu Roa the only survivors of their race. Ideon’s destruction caused an explosion so massive that it annihilated reality itself.

1 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – The Anti-Spirals threw galaxies at Dai-Gurren’s team

Granziboma owns galaxies in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

He goes without saying it Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann It houses some of the largest giant robots ever seen in the mecha type. Dai-Gurren’s Super Galaxy Gurren-Lagann and Granzeboma’s Anti-Spiral were so great that they transcended the known universe, even using nearby galaxies as projectiles during their last fight.

Specifically, Granzenboma’s ultimate attack (Infinite Big Bang Storm) was driven by two super spiral galaxies and the colossal power of the mechanics. The resulting explosion was equivalent to detonating an infinite number of big eruptions simultaneously, and it was fueled by countless solar systems and burning their planets as ammunition.

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