11 healthy foods to inspire your own journey

The old saying “put in good, get out well” doesn’t just apply to the food you put in your body — it’s also true for what you eat on social media.

Just like eating nutrient-rich foods leads to positive physical outcomes, a “diet” of social accounts that inspires and encourages you can propel you forward on your journey toward a healthier life.

However, social media is notorious for displaying unrealistic images of health.

Whether it’s pictures of inaccessible bodies or paperless authorities, numerous social media accounts can make you feel like a healthy lifestyle is limited to just a select few.

However, this is far from the truth.

Instead of following accounts that make you feel down, you can choose to sign up with people who show real ways to eat well while having honest conversations about the challenges of doing so.

Do you want to make fodder that nourishes your body and mind?

Here are 11 inspiring healthy eating social media accounts worth following.

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Stephen and Elise Comston aren’t just a couple who love to cook together — they’re registered dietitians, too.

Their hashtag #upgradedeverydayeats tells you everything you need to know about their approach to healthy, delicious everyday food.

By combining their mutual experiences with the real-world challenges of raising young children, they provide fun and connected engagements to get meals on the table in no time.

In particular, recipes with few ingredients are their potent case. Don’t miss the 4-ingredient tofu plate or the 5-ingredient barbecue egg and cheese quesadilla.

Also, be sure to check out their blog for quick and easy meal ideas.

budget bytes
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Some foodie social media accounts have great pictures of recipes, but a closer look reveals that their ingredient lists cost a pretty penny (ahem…it’s all with truffle oil).

Not so with the budget byte! As its name suggests, the social pages of this food blog are devoted to straightforward, healthy recipes that don’t break the bank.

A recent college graduate struggling to make ends meet, founder Beth Moncel started her blog in 2009 as a way to document her experiences creating low-cost recipes.

Now, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and an app that gives you recipes all in one place, Budget Bytes is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to eat well for less.

Check out Moncel’s catalog of content for everything from classic comfort foods to vegan desserts to meal prep ideas.

Image credit: Accessible Wellness

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As a registered dietitian with a physical disability, Jackie Silver knows firsthand that wellness is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Her helpful Instagram page offers simple recipes, practical tips on reusing leftovers, and tons of healthy 2-minute snack ideas for people with or without disabilities—yes, they only take 2 minutes to make!

They also provide information on nutritional therapy for various disabilities and chronic conditions.

In addition to being a nutritionist, Silver is a practitioner of mindfulness eating awareness, which is evident in her posts on eating with intention and changing the way you think about food and body image.

Image credit: Natasha’s Kitchen

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When your day gets a little lighter, head over to YouTube and step into Natasha’s kitchen. In her hundreds of videos, home chef Natasha Kravchuk’s hilarious, hilarious personality and hilarious visual gags are sure to make you smile.

In addition to many simple and delicious recipes, Natasha’s videos include step-by-step techniques for more challenging preparations, such as ratatouille and macaroon.

While not all of Natasha’s recipes are 100% healthy (hello, glazed brownies), her overall approach to eating as a source of joy is infectious. If you are looking to enhance your culinary skills, you couldn’t ask for a more fun teacher.

Image credit: Kids eat in color

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Sure, you want to eat healthy food, but what about the kids in your life?

As many parents know, having picky eaters can be key to even the best laid out meal plans.

Fortunately, registered dietitian Jennifer Anderson has you covered.

As a mother of two young children, she is well versed in helping parents of selective eating find their way to healthy eating as a family.

With a touch of humor, Anderson separates fact from fiction about children’s nutritional needs. Follow her for kid-friendly snack ideas, information on realistic baby portion sizes, and what to do with all the rest of your Halloween candy.

Image credit: Fit Men Cook

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Sometimes it seems like being female is a prerequisite to becoming an expert in the field of healthy eating on social media. However, men want to eat well too!

With 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Kevin Curry of Fit Men Cook is an inspiration to people from all over the world for his factual social content.

In his feed, you’ll find a collection of delicious recipes that are still doable.

For breakfast, try this lightly sweetened, lightly peach curry skillet, or for dinner, the Cajun red pepper pasta with shrimp and mushrooms.

Curry also shares his fitness accomplishments, like training triathlon, and even failures, like the time he tried aerial yoga. His encouraging and capable demeanor is sure to inspire you to become more active.

Image credit: Desilicious RD

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For international recipe inspiration with a dose of mindfulness, check out Shahzadi Devje of Desilicious RD.

A Canadian nutritionist with South Asian heritage, Devje’s feed is filled with recipes inspired from around the world, proving that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or flavorless.

For example, Indian carrot halwa, Lebanese fattoush, and South Asian-style vegan shepherd’s pie are just a few of her mouthwatering creations.

Although some recipes are somewhat involved, others, like salad dressings and energy bites, are very simple.

Through it all, Devje’s kind tips guide readers toward mindful eating and eco-friendly food choices.

Image credit: Real Life Nutritionist


Have you ever wished you had a dietitian friend to give you first-hand nutritional advice? Real-life nutritionist Miranda Galati is the virtual friend you’ve been looking for.

Galati’s posts put things right on hot topics like detoxing, gluten, carbs, and refined sugar – and the experts’ answers may surprise you!

In addition, with the slogan “All Foods Fit”, Galati’s food philosophy is an example of inclusion.

Its compendium includes new ways to prepare meals from basic, healthy ingredients. They also frequently feature “Things I Ate This Week” posts – because who doesn’t want to know what dietitians are actually eating?

Image credit: Mediterranean dish

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The Mediterranean diet is loved by many health experts — and for good reason. However, following this anti-inflammatory eating plan involves more than just cooking everything in olive oil.

Born and raised in Egypt, Suzy Karadsheh grew up cooking Mediterranean dishes in her mother’s kitchen.

Now in North America, Karadasheh is showing what the Mediterranean diet actually looks like with helpful recipes featured on her blog and social media accounts.

While her recipes come from all over the world, most are beginner-friendly and made with easy-to-find base materials.

For example, their uncooked herb chicken salad is perfect for busy weekend days, while their easy pesto eggs make for a quick yet filling breakfast.

Need a little extra help in the kitchen? Listen to Karadsheh’s live cooking stories on Instagram.

Image credit: Vitamin RI


Maria Sylvester Terry, teacher turned dietitian, is the first to realize how unrealistic social media can be.

Vitamin RI’s Instagram page aims to help people deconstruct harmful beliefs, which are often fueled by social media, and instead promote a positive approach to food.

Her motto “Helping you get rid of your black and white thinking and live in the gray area” is a testament to her encouraging philosophy.

Through her posts and videos, Maria encourages you to be kinder to yourself by not comparing your health journey with that of others and realizing that your weight does not define your worth.

For those looking to eat more intuitively, Vitamin RI is a welcome place to start.

Image credit: Food Heaven

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Curious about what it really means to be healthy of all sizes? Looking for information on intuitive eating? Want a killer slice of zucchini bread? Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones – nutritionists, diabetes educators, and best friends – have you covered.

Their social media channels focus on inclusivity for all body types and cultural backgrounds.

Meanwhile, with the help of other food and nutrition experts, their podcast addresses issues such as whether body mass index (BMI) is a legitimate measure of health, whether you should eat organic or non-GMO foods, and how to eat right on a budget.

If you are going to spend some time on social media, it is worth making it a positive and inspiring experience.

Instead of following influencers who promote unrealistic expectations or feed you “junk” science, it is important to follow the accounts that make healthy habits seem achievable.

While scrolling through your feed won’t turn you into an overnight health food expert, exposing yourself to real (not perfect) people may be just the inspiration you need to take the next step in your health journey.

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