18 Best Christmas Food Gifts You Can Give Anyone in 2021

The way to anyone’s heart goes through their stomach, and that’s exactly the sentiment we’re adding to this holiday gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for your sweetie-loving sweetie or aiming to satisfy your favorite savory snack, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas food gift.

think about it. Everyone needs to eat. So what’s the best way to warm your co-workers, neighbors, and family? Their dream dish or dessert seems like a good idea. So, if you are in need of some ideas to get you going on your fun path, look no further.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to give your office, pick a box of cookies that will help them look forward to their midday snack. For your building janitor or your favorite next-door neighbor (or even me if you feel inclined to it), be sure to load them up with the charcuterie palette of their dreams.

For your best friend who loves a delicious snack, treat her to a gift basket that contains everything needed for a perfect night out. And finally, if you’re trying to get the good graces of that boss with a big sweet tooth? You can’t go wrong with homemade mini pancakes.

Food is the ultimate gift, and thankfully there are endless holiday-themed options during the Christmas season. Here are the best Christmas food gifts that you can shop right now.


Stonewall Kitchen Home Festive Gift Basket

Stonewall Kitchen


You’ll have a hard time not keeping this favorite box from Stonewall Kitchen to yourself. It contains chocolate mint fudge sauce, ginger butter, sugar cookie mix, gingerbread cookie mix, and a packet of amazing hot chocolate.


Tea Forte Warming Joy Petite Tea Tree. little tea tree

strong tea


These are perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for co-workers or neighbors if distributed individually. Each mini Christmas tree box contains four teas in fun holiday flavors like raspberry ganache, sweet orange spice, and winter tea.


Sicilian summer

This set from Bona Furtuna includes handcrafted fusilli pasta from ancient grains, as well as a bottle of fresh rosemary pasta sauce made with ripe tomatoes from Sicily. The box also contains Sicilian sea salt and oregano for seasoning.


whale cutting board



For your favorite chef who wants to make a statement, this Vineyard Vines cutting board is the way to go. It’s made of maple and mahogany and has beachy bow ties with navy cleats as handles. There is also an adorable little whale decorated in the corner.


4 sweet pie package packages

Southern Pie Company


Did someone say pie? This small assortment pack contains caramel pecan, chocolate chess, french coconut custard and our signature buttermilk. Why have one flavor when you can have them all?


Tate’s Bake Shop cookies

Tate Pick Store


Tate’s cookies have a cult following, and for good reason: they’re amazing. These crunchy cookies may have a crunch, but their chocolate chips are so creamy that they melt in your mouth. This box also includes a crowd-pleaser, including chocolate walnut slices, oatmeal raisins, and white chocolate macadamia cookies.


Ben Partners Roasters

coffee roasters partners


Coffee bags are the best storage and gifts for coworkers. This blend from Partner’s Coffee is low in acidity and features coffee brewed in Brooklyn.


Tony Chocolnelli’s Holiday Package



In addition to their beautiful, colorful and bright packaging, Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars are made with the flavors of the season. This holiday package contains four of them, including gingerbread with milk, dark candy canes, caramel milk, and hazelnuts.


Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate



This hot chocolate is simply the best. It’s made with premium chocolate chips that melt in hot cocoa cups. It’s a drink, but it’s more like a brownie.


Can Dozen Mint Bark Truffle



Combine double chocolate cake with crushed candy canes for the ultimate holiday treat. Put these under the tree, and watch the family fight to keep it, but remind them that sharing is caring.


Harry and David Season’s Best Gift Basket

If you need something sweet to accompany your delicious dishes, this is the gift basket for you. It features cheese, meat, chocolate covered cherries, biscuits, and everything else you need to have a really good time.


A variety of hot sauce from TRUFF

These hot sauces are made for the friends who always keep a bottle of the spicy stuff in their bags. Beautifully arranged in a beautiful box and amazing bottles, the set includes the original Truff Hot Sauce, Hot Sauce and White Truffle Sauce.


Jenny’s Holiday Collection

The ice cream lover on your holiday menu will be totally in love with Jeni’s handmade ice cream caddy. It contains six holiday flavors: Mexican Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread Cognac, Brown Butter, Almond Brittle, Salty Caramel, White Chocolate Mint, and Sugar Plum.


Goldbelly Cookie Dough 4 Pack

cookie d


Everyone knows that the best part about baking cookies is tasting the dough. This package contains four delicious flavors of cookie dough, including signature chocolate chip, broccoli (where brownies meet cookies!), heavenly (a sugar cookie mixed with Nutella), and cake batter.


Le Croisy enameled cast iron oval oven



A gentle Dutch oven is a kitchen staple that people will keep for years to come. Le Creuset makes Instagrammable ovens that are not only beautiful, but also durable.


Harry & David Holiday Bakery – Teen

Harry and David


Elevate your classic birthday cake topper with this delicious treat from Harry & David. The boat includes a cinnamon swirl cake, 10 raspberry galettes, two white chocolate chip cookies, two German chocolate chip cookies, and of course a collectible box that you can keep long after the cookies are gone.


Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Gift Box Champagne

Clicquot . widow


When in doubt, send champagne. This Veuve bottle comes with a beautiful gift box that saves you the extra effort of having to wrap it up, and if you’re lucky, the person who receives it will cheer you up.


Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

Barnett’s premium biscuits


It’s hard to beat these chocolate-covered biscotti cookies, but this sweet box somehow manages to make it delicious. The cookies come with toppings like candied almonds, caramel chips, and more.

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