5 free healthy cooking apps for beginners

Cooking is easy when you know what you’re doing. However, for those who aren’t already household gods and goddesses, getting into the kitchen may require a leap of faith.

What are the best apps to learn to cook? Even better: where can you learn how to cook healthy food that tastes like it came from a restaurant?

These apps offer the best smartphone kitchen tools for beginners who want to cook healthy meals.

1. KitchenPal

For the ultimate smart pantry assistant, there’s no cooking app quite like KitchenPal. It has a kitchen inventory manager, shopping lists, and can even pull recipes based on the ingredients you already have.

When you first sign up, this food recipes app asks you to swipe left or right on a long list of staples, Tinder-style. Once everything is done, you can add everything else at your fingertips.

Once you’ve run out of rations, you’re ready to plunge into KitchenPal’s quick shopping section, complete with a scanner to add anything you don’t see on its default menu. Add groceries from a huge selection of stock options, and you’re all set to hit town; You can sort items by lane, and tag everything to add it to the default store automatically.

Apart from being a great pantry management app, KitchenPal is also one of the best apps for recipes. You’ll be shown different categories consisting of everything you currently have in stock, as well as the rest of KitchenPal’s collection of recipes approved for home cooking.

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This feature helps prevent food waste and increase your dollar value, all without compromising the quality of your meal.

Explore ready-to-cook meals, healthy options, vegetarian and vegan recipes, and budget meals with KitchenPal’s recipes tab. If you do some research and find something that interests you, the app will also tell you which components you are missing.

Loading: KitchenPal for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. delicious

We hate to play favorites, but Yummly might be the best cookbook app ever.

Not only are these recipes all professionally written, beautifully illustrated, and absolutely delicious, but many also include how-to videos to walk you through the entire cooking process.

the Just for you The tab is where you’ll find all your meal recommendations, but you can use Explores Tab if you’re feeling adventurous.

These instructions are all incredibly detailed, perfect for total noobs in the kitchen. Yummly is also an excellent resource for those trying to eat healthier and be more alert at mealtime.

Loading: Delicious for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

3. Oven timer

Oven Timer is a multi-timer kitchen with a charming visual touch. You can customize the digital oven and stovetop to suit your settings at home.

On each stove, you can allocate a different pot or plate, and the clock will go down on each of them independently. You can also assign simple timers under another tab for other kitchen tasks – for example marinating chicken in the fridge.

When your hands are always full in the kitchen, time tends to get ahead of you. This is one of the best cooking apps if you hate overcooking or burning your food.

Loading: Oven Timer: Kitchen Multi-Timer for Android (Free)

4. cup

Cupful is a deceptively simple app for baking conversions and ratios. It makes translating recipes from one unit to another very easy.

Not only every possible type of flour is represented here, but you will also find legumes, rice, other grains and even spices. No matter what you want to cook, this food recipes app of all kinds will provide you with what you want.

Simply select a component and connect the metric or imperial units of measurement. There are even three convenient buttons to break when working in a quarter of a teaspoon or two thirds of a cup – no mental arithmetic required.

Measurements such as filled cups versus lean cups, loose items such as vegetables, and liquids of different weight and volume are supported. These features make Cupful one of the best cooking apps for novice baking, in particular.

Loading: Cupful for Android (Free)

5. Eat this a lot

All of this lives up to its motto: “Put your diet on autopilot.” It is perhaps the most popular app for cooking recipes that all fit in with your daily nutritional and calorie goals.

Once you prove yourself in the app, it is able to cater to any type of diet – vegetarian, animal, ketogenic, gluten-free and many more. You’ll be able to browse through an extensive library of recipes, all curated according to your personal food diary settings.

First, take a quick survey of the app to describe your needs and goals. Next, enter the number of calories you plan to eat per day and the number of meals you prefer. You can choose the macronutrient profile you want, and split your daily ration between carbohydrates, protein and fats.

You can document each day by following some of the recipes the app should show, and add the meal to your food diary as a single unit. You can also add each ingredient individually if you’re more experienced in the kitchen or just need an app to track calories and macros for simple ingredients.

The premium version of the app includes a shopping list feature and other advanced options that you can use to plan each week of meals with incredible accuracy.

If you’re serious about getting healthy this year, Eat This Much is a great food diary app. Lunchtime at home or the office is about to get a much-needed upgrade.

Loading: Eat This Too Much for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

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Cooking app recipes that will get you started in the kitchen

This year, forget about excuses – it’s time to learn how to cook healthy meals and get the good nutrition you need to succeed.

When you burn clean fuel, you feel better. You may find that you are more focused at work or at school with a well-balanced, homemade meal in your belly than on your usual fast food.

Try these cooking apps to treat the chronic and pervasive Driving Through Syndrome and make this the start of a whole new lifestyle.

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