6 healthy foods to start eating now, say nutritionists – don’t eat this

As we head into the new year, many of us have health on our minds. Whether you’re trying to hit the gym more, spend more time outside, get better sleep, or incorporate more healthy food into our diet, 2022 brings opportunities for change.

That’s why we spoke with a few expert dietitians about the foods they believe are the healthiest additions to any diet. These foods are packed with nutrients to help your body function properly and maintain your goals throughout the day.

Here are the foods our nutritionists have picked as the healthiest to eat right now, and for more eating tips, be sure to check out the best nutritional solutions you can make in 2022.

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Beans are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Their high fiber content is known to help lower cholesterol, aid gut health, and aid in blood sugar levels.

Beans are a major component of the Blue Zone Diet, a way of eating that depends on the regions of the world in which people live the longest. In other words, beans are so healthy that they can actually help you live a longer life!

“This plant-based protein is cost-effective and easy to incorporate into a variety of meals such as soups, salads, chili, burgers, and tacos,” says Kim Rose, RD of Lose It!

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If you need a nutrient boost in 2022, flaxseeds are the perfect solution.

“These foods are touted as superfoods for good reason, because they’re full of omega-3s, a nutrient our bodies can’t make,” Rose says. “As omega-3s are important for tasks like lowering cholesterol and supporting brain and heart health, flaxseeds are definitely worth adding to your weekly food rotation.”

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According to Rose, eggs are a beneficial food for your health goals.

“It’s a very versatile protein that can be mixed with a lot of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options,” she says. “With six grams of protein and four grams of fat in one medium egg, this simple food is a winner any time of the day.”

report from cholesterol It states that although there has been much debate about the health benefits of eggs over the years, they can actually help your overall health by providing beneficial micronutrients and antioxidants and helping reduce high blood pressure (hypertension).

snow peas
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Sometimes, you may need more vegetable protein like snow peas in your diet.

“Peas are a neglected crop that contains approximately 3 grams of vegetable protein per 3.5 ounce serving,” Rose says. “Unlike meat, it has zero saturated fat and trace amounts of total fat, as well as some fiber.”

Here’s what happens to your body when you eat peas.

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Quinoa is known as a “pseudo” grain that is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and protein, and thus is among the healthiest foods you can choose to eat!

“This complete plant protein contains all nine essential amino acids, is gluten-free, and high in fiber,” says Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD at Balance One Supplements.

according to Grain Science JournalEating quinoa can help improve heart, gut, and metabolic health. If you’re looking to try some quinoa in your diet, try one of these 30 weight loss recipes.

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“This is one of those green leafy vegetables that is often forgotten and looked upon because of its more affordable and accessible alternatives,” says MD Kamrosman, author of Mimics of Rdn Bliss. “In fact, cabbage is one of the healthiest foods you should eat because it is very rich in vitamins A, B6, and C, calcium, potassium, manganese and copper. A cup of cabbage has only 38 calories. You can cook it by boiling it or turning it into kale flakes.”

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