A great dad snack that gets little kids to eat healthy, while keeping their snacks safe

This TikTok dad has a wickedly smart hack for when his daughter wants his snack!

TikTok dad Michael Vaughn (@world.shaker) has shared an ingenious trick that not only gets his kid to eat healthy snacks, but also allows him to keep all his snacks for himself!

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Smart TikToker shared a video of how he puts healthy snacks inside the bag of chips he eats and offers his daughter a piece of fruit every time she looks for a slice.

“Show me your best advice for young children,” Michael said at the beginning of the video. “I’ll go first.”

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The video then moves to a shot shot from Michael’s perspective as he sits on the sofa. Michael is wearing pajamas and carrying a bag of potato chips, and his young daughter is standing next to him. The child reaches for the bag of chips and tries to grab the bag.

As the camera moves to its end, Michael reveals that inside the bag of chips, everything is not what it seems. While most of the bag is filled with delicious crunchy chips, there is also a small glass bowl filled with grapes and orange slices.

“indeed?” Michael says while stretching his daughter for his snack. Then he reaches into the bag, takes a grape, and hands it to his little boy.

“Doubt” was mentioned in one of the comments as the girl opened her mouth and took a bite of the grapes. The video ends as the little girl eats grapes with a slightly disappointed expression on her face.

Viewers praised the funny dad and shared parenting tricks in the comments.

One savvy parent wrote, “I put my snacks in my coffee mug when I don’t want to share.”

One parent said, “Putting the beans in a Paw Patrol will make them eat any kind of pills as long as it comes from the Paw Patrol.”

“I renamed anything my son wouldn’t try to make more fun. One parent wrote that he wouldn’t eat carrots, but he would eat the ‘deli pieces.'”

“I’ve told my kids all their lives that if the ice cream truck is playing music, that means the ice cream has run out. Another parent commented.

What’s the smartest tip for young children?

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