How do food influences affect what we eat?

Although the results don’t reflect reality, as we’re typically exposed to multiple streams of information, photos, and tweets, we’re still observing and manipulating a Twitter account’s follower count, Tessitore says, so they likely have the same effect. But right now, we’re a long way from being able to nudge people toward a healthy diet with … Read more

7 nutritional tips that may help you maintain a healthy digestive system

A healthy digestive system works wonders for the body and mind. But a hacker can leave you feeling irritable and moody all day long. It may also lead to acidity, bloating, and constipation. To get rid of these problems or prevent them from happening, we must make sure that our digestion is good. Eating healthy … Read more

The Village Farm Cooperative helps provide healthy food for immigrant communities in southeastern Minnesota

ROCHESTER, MN – For new immigrants and first generation members of America looking to spread their indigenous farming practices, there is often nowhere to turn. But in Rochester there is the Village Agricultural Cooperative, which creates opportunities for area communities to grow culturally relevant foods. Most “village co-op” farmers live in dwellings where they cannot … Read more

Food helps people’s health and the economy

Print and digital photos are available for download A plan to make food in Herefordshire healthier and more sustainable while also benefiting the local economy has official backing. The Health and Welfare Board, which oversees county health and social services, unanimously endorsed the food charter developed by the Herefordshire Food Alliance. This brings together diverse … Read more

Nutritionists say the best breakfast foods to eat if you’re at risk for heart disease – eating that’s not

Heart disease should always be taken seriously, especially since many Americans are at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 47% of the US population has at least one of the major risk factors for developing this type of disease, which include smoking, high blood pressure, and high blood … Read more

The genetic variant in some people makes eating sugar healthy

Copenhagen, Denmark – Could sugary sweets be a healthy part of your diet? Believe it or not, it’s true for some people living in Greenland who carry a very special genetic variant. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen say that up to three percent of Greenlanders are able to process sugar differently, making a bowl … Read more

Maritime Holiday Food Drive aims to raise money, collect healthy foods for local food banks

With more and more Canadians visiting food banks, a grocery chain in the Maritimes hopes the holiday season will bring some healthy food options and convenience for everyone. In a recent report titled HungerCount2021, Food Banks Canada says visits to food banks have increased more than 20 percent, with monthly visits reaching 1.3 million earlier … Read more

Busy family healthy food options

Life is back to normal and in full swing with school and after school activities such as sports, music or clubs. Lifestyle and parenting expert Sherry French is here today with some great ideas for families on the go and making healthy choices when it comes to our busy lives. 1. Protein with little preparation … Read more

What is a superfood, anyway? – Cleveland Clinic

No single food can do everything – but it goes without saying that some foods are healthier than others. A leafy salad is healthier than a plate of french fries. Salmon is healthier than a loaded cheeseburger; Yogurt parfait is healthier than hot fudge sundae. Cleveland Clinic is a not-for-profit academic medical center. Advertising on … Read more