Microscopic mites that have sex on our faces at night could face evolutionary oblivion, say scientists

If you think giant pandas had it bad, spare a thought for the tiny parasitic mites that live in the pores of the skin on our faces which may be destined for an evolutionary dead-end, according to a new analysis of their DNA. More than 90% of us host the 0.3mm long-mites in the oily … Read more

419-Million-Year-Old Chinese Fossil Shows Human Middle Ear Evolved From Fish Gills

The 3D braincase of Shuyu. Credit: IVPP The human middle ear—which houses three tiny, vibrating bones—is key to transmitting sound vibrations into the inner ear, where they become nerve impulses that allow us to hear. Embryonic and fossil evidence proves that the human middle ear evolved from the spiracle of fishes. However, the origin of … Read more