“We need to ensure that nutritious food is affordable and accessible”

One in five people in the UK lives in poverty. In response to the energy crisis, the government has raised the energy price cap by 12% effective today (October 1). At the same time, food prices are also increasing due to rising commodity markets and higher packaging and transportation costs. These inflationary pressures will hit … Read more

From farm to table: Agritech startups pave the way for a healthy food chain

Agriculture and food technology aimed at making the farming process as efficient as possible dominated the agenda this week as startups and investors in Turkey gathered at Ventures60 to discuss the latest trends. From field monitoring to the food supply chain itself, agricultural technology, often referred to by the acronym agritech, is working on innovative … Read more

The Dohmen Company invests $1.6 million in healthy food-related nonprofits

Kochgarian In keeping with its mission to help prevent chronic diseases before they occur by supporting local programs focused on health and wellness, Dhamin Corporation She announced that she is investing $1.6 million in several nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit organizations designated to receive this funding help strengthen the city’s food and nutrition ecosystem, according to … Read more

Animal health is the key to food security and the sustainability of the planet

With record heat waves, catastrophic floods and wildfires in the news, it’s hard not to be on the cutting edge of weather patterns. These challenges highlight the need to address the multifaceted causes of climate change in Kansas. Understanding the role that agriculture – and specifically livestock – plays in climate is critical, and finding … Read more

Soup for the Soul Serves Hot Meals for Those Who Need It Every Week. It’s a fundraiser to help more families in 2022

NORTH LAWNDALE – The West Side Mutual Aid Project is raising funds to continue serving weekly meals. Soup for the Soul was launched in late 2020 to help food-insecure Lawndale families. Organizers envisioned the weekly meal distribution as a safe place where the entire community could find human contact at a time when many experienced … Read more

Study serving heart-healthy diets to your doorstep

Many of us know that a healthy diet includes plenty of high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, as well as healthy, unsaturated fats. Such diets are especially recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. But sometimes people say that eating such a diet is too expensive or … Read more

South Hills Chamber of Commerce event helps benefit healthy food center | News

Exchanging gifts can be more routine than practical, especially at this time of year. “The true spirit of the holidays is to help people who really need something, like food, clothes, etc.,” said John Pedrzeki, president of the South Hills Chamber of Commerce, at welcoming guests to the group’s annual holiday luncheon. Erin Joyce, vice … Read more