Colin, prosciutto and olive oil are the most famous Croatian products

January 5, 2022 – The main components of the Mediterranean diet have become the most popular Croatian product in the world.

The pandemic and stagnation in the global market have further emphasized the need for Croatia to focus on its food production. This is especially true for meat and its products. However, the potential is certainly there because according to the calculation of the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, in 2018, the self-sufficiency of the Republic of Croatia in meat production was 70.64%, according to reports T Portal.

The Croatian member of the European Parliament and negotiator of the EPP Group in the Committee’s opinion on the internal market and consumer protection of the “field to table” strategy, Tomislav Sokol, has succeeded in the fight to protect traditional Croatian products such as kulen and prosciutto .

“The European Union is determined to make the diet healthier and more sustainable. This does not mean abandoning traditional meat products such as Slavonian Colin and Istrian or Dalmatian prosciutto. Moreover, I am sure that our products are known for their high quality and traditional production methods, which do not threaten the health of citizens. As Member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, and as Rapporteur for European citizens, I intervened in the text of the opinion on the scope of the European Commission to – table strategy for the protection of the production of traditional Croatian products”, says Tomislav Sokol.

Croatia has great production potential in this sector, which opens up new economic and development prospects, especially for the Croatian countryside. Europe must become self-sufficient in the production of healthy and high-quality food, and agriculture and food industries in Croatia must be essential components of this system.

Sokol emphasized that the Mediterranean diet is not unhealthy in that strategy. Namely, other political groups in the European Parliament agreed to the text of the opinion, which would characterize the European diet, and thus the Mediterranean diet, as unhealthy. However, during negotiations on the specific amendment, Sokol insisted on changing the text of this law, which would classify the European and Mediterranean diet as unhealthy.

“I must admit that I was quite surprised when I noticed in the text that our diet would be declared unhealthy. Flat and baseless claims should not take up space in official documents of the European Parliament. From the start, I have been clear in my position, and I am glad I was able to convince my fellow members Others take my position. We are proud of our Mediterranean lifestyle and diet which includes the use of fresh foods, fish, fruits, vegetables and essential olive oil,” explains Sokol.

It should be noted that the “field to table” strategy identifies the main priorities for creating a sustainable and healthy food system, and the fact that the action plan accompanying the strategy envisages the adoption of 27 legislative and non-legislative acts up to 2024 illustrates how complex the implementation of this strategy will be.

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