Dozens of children in the valley benefit from fun activities and healthy food during the holidays

That’s because children from disadvantaged families across town were able to participate in a government-funded initiative during school holidays.

The Activity Nutrition and Food (HAF) programme, which has seen an investment of £200 million across all local authorities, is managed by the Ribble Valley Health and Wellbeing Partnership, a merger of Roefield Leisure and Longridge Community Gym.

Since school holidays have sometimes become a stressful time for many families, due to increased costs and reduced income, the two sites have worked in conjunction with local schools, sports training groups, cooking schools, dance and music schools, and sewing workshops to provide attendees with free holiday submissions.

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Dozens of young people enjoyed a wide range of activities

Representatives from the partnership engaged in consultations with a wide range of bodies—including local public health officials, school leaders, youth services, charities and volunteer sectors—to help deliver the programme, which provided accessible enrichment activities, nutritional information and healthy meals.

Each local authority nationally was given a target of 25 percent based on the number of free school meals children were entitled to in primary and secondary schools.

The Ribble Valley Health and Wellbeing Partnership far exceeded its goal when it reached 37%. In total, there were an incredible 2,789 visitors who attended the activities across the region.

The success of the program was the result of countless time in consulting, preparation and planning through the partnership, along with extensive promotion and marketing through Schools, Roefield Leisure, Longridge Community Gym, Clitheroe Advertiser, Longridge News, social media, and National Radio .

All participants enjoyed the fun-filled activities

Ribble Valley Health and Wellbeing Partnership would like to thank all providers for giving young people amazing opportunities to participate in a large number of activities in a safe and well-maintained environment.

Their contribution was essential to the resounding success of the system. In 2022, the program will be repeated during school holidays with schools, service providers, participants and parents unanimous in their positive feedback.

Sports training groups, cooking schools, dance and music schools, and sewing workshops worked together to provide attendees with free vacation

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