Famous Mike’s failed a routine health check

A popular breakfast and lunch spot in downtown Macon failed its routine health check after multiple violations of how food was stored.

The Telegraph reviewed routine health inspections from December 1 to December 31 based on what was reported on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s online portal.

Famous Mike’s of Macon at 524 Poplar St. He scored 63 points on a routine health examination on December 6, and received a grade of “U” for “unsatisfactory compliance.”

In a follow-up examination on December 13, the restaurant scored 83 with a grade of “B” for “satisfactory compliance.”

State health inspectors assign scores based on the number of points deducted from 100, with scores at 69 and below considered failing.

Follow-up inspections are required when a restaurant fails a routine inspection and are generally performed within 10 days.

Routine inspection

During a routine inspection, celebrity employee Mike was observed removing ready-to-eat corn fritters with their bare hands in the main kitchen area rather than using a proper utensil or properly wearing disposable gloves.

Other violations dealt with improperly stored foods, including raw shell eggs stored over raw salmon and over freezer-cooked brownies, according to the inspection report.

State health regulations require foods to be stored in a way that prevents cross-contamination.

According to the report, additional violations related to food stored at temperatures inappropriate for food safety, including raw shell eggs and raw bacon on a preparation table that were above the temperature required for cold preservation.

Beef brisket and cooked mushrooms were also stored in a heating cabinet at temperatures below the required temperature, the report said.

In addition, meat patties and sausages kept in a hot place were below the required temperature, according to the report.

The inspector found that the hot water dish and sewage machine was not measuring the temperature required to disinfect the dishes.

In previous routine inspections, Famous Mike’s received a “B” for “satisfactory compliance” with a score of 88 on both March 25 last year and December 12, 2019 as well as a “A” of 95 on March 15, 2019 for “Food Safety Excellence” .

In 2019, Famous Mike’s Restaurant also received four grades of “C” for “marginal compliance” during two routine and follow-up inspections twice with scores of 75, 78, 70 and 75. On November 1, 2018, the restaurant received a score of 99. rated “A” for excellence in food safety. “

Dozens of other restaurants

Most Bibb County restaurants received grades of “A” and “B” with the couple receiving “C” scores on routine health checks in December.

Here are the top scorers:

  • Louvenia’s Seafood Kitchen, 5033 Brookhaven Road, Suite 600, Class: .99
  • Texas Cattle, 5797 Houston Rd., 95°
  • McDonald’s, 6210 Zebulun Rd, 94 degrees
  • Bedi, 946 First Street, 93 degrees
  • Sakura Hibachi and Bok, 5585 Thomaston Rd, Suite A300, Class: 91
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts, 519 North Ave, Macon, 91°

Here’s how the scores are divided: An “A” for a score between 90 to 100 stands for “Excellence in Food Safety.” A “B” for a score between 80 to 89 is considered “satisfactory compliance”. “C” for “marginal compliance” based on a score of 70-79. A “U” is given for “unsatisfactory compliance” when a restaurant scores 69 or less.

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