Felix Biotechnology collaborates with AnimalBiome to develop a new solution for pet diarrhea

With expertise in phage technology and pet health, the two companies together strive to create a superior product.

Felix Biotechnology, Inc. — a biotech company that develops antibacterial therapies to treat drug-resistant infections — has partnered with AnimalBiome, a company focused on pet health and wellness, to create innovative solutions to pet diarrhea.

According to the company’s release, there is a growing demand for chemical-free and safe antimicrobial solutions that specifically remove problem-causing bacteria while preserving the beneficial bacteria for the microbiome. The Felix model can be leveraged against a wide range of problem bacteria, as well as the company’s ongoing diverse partnerships aimed at developing phage-based solutions with personal care and cosmetics companies. This deal now extends to their Animal Health portfolio.

“We are committed to finding a better solution to this common pest that afflicts pets and bothers owners,” says Natalie Ma, Ph.D., founder of Felix and Head of Business Development at Felix. “Through our unique approach to phage technologies, we will create a safe, chemical-free, durable, and effective treatment for this virulent pathogen.”

Bacteria – or phages – are small viruses that infect and kill bacteria. Felix combines machine learning with synthetic biology to engineer phages to overcome the primary obstacles to broad adoption of current phage technologies: narrow spectrum and phage resistance.

“At AnimalBiome, we focus on delivering novel microbiome-focused solutions to help pets and their owners. Phage technology offers great promise in reducing antibiotic use in treating bacterial pathogens, protecting beneficial microbes, and supporting better health and wellness,” says Holly Gans, Ph.D. AnimalBiome’s chief science officer.

“We are excited to work with Felix to develop new products specifically designed for pathogens that affect pets,” she added.


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