Freedom a la Carte Café serves up healthy food for charity

JA Benton

“Every day is a new beginning” is a phrase that carries seasonal weight as we approach the new year.

Yes, we are approaching a period when decisions are being made to shed a different type of seasonal weight. But the reason I mention the above “A New Beginning” quote, which is tacitly hopeful, is that it’s part of the delightful, but intentionally honest, mural adorning the downtown building housing a notable operation: Freedom a la Cart Cafe + Bakery, which he exhibited The first is to make April a bit better troublesome year.

Although the “cafe + bakery” is new, Freedom emerged about a decade ago as a food cart (hence the “cart”) that raised money and hired human trafficking survivors. Freedom Compassion’s mission hasn’t changed, but it has evolved from a cartwheel and limited-fare pop-up restaurant to a lovely café with an impressive selection of creative, delicious and skillfully prepared bakery items, coffee drinks, and brunch dishes.

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