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At this time of year, we often look forward to renewing our lives. Whether that means we organize our home from top to bottom or finally clean out our produce drawer so we can pack it full of fresh, colorful ingredients, we’re ready to treat our minds, homes, and bodies with respect and appreciation. That means we totally go for comfort food, making sure our nutritional needs are met, and it turns out TV star and cookbook author Giada De Laurentiis is exactly on the same page.

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This year, rather than doing some sort of punishing cleanse, De Laurentiis and her blogger Giadzy are focusing on meals that are nourishing for body and soul, meaning they pack serious nutrition and serious comfort in every bite. If you’re looking for a recipe inspired by your New Year’s trip, take a look at these delicious, comforting, veggie-packed meals from Giada De Laurentiis.

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Halibut with olive sauce

If you’re looking to add more lean fish to your diet, this halibut recipe will win you over. The fish is crunchy on the outside, tender and flaky on the inside, and it’s topped with a flavor-packed olive flavor that pairs well with grilled chicken or shrimp.

Get the recipe from Giadzy.

Giada chicken green chili

Filled with chicken, beans, greens, and greens, this chili has all the fuel you need to stay warm and cozy on cold winter nights.

Get the recipe from Giadzy.

Chicken broth in one bowl

Cooking nutritious meals from scratch doesn’t mean you have to dirty every dish in the cupboard. This chicken soup is made in a single pot (use a Dutch oven for maximum convenience), so you have more time to spend enjoying dinner rather than cleaning up.

Get the recipe from Giadzy.

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Simple Italian Giada Salad

Never underestimate the power of a simple, well-made salad to brighten up a meal. Winter greens like radicchio and radish are in full swing now, and peppery watercress is always a more exciting salad choice than bland mixed greens. A simple lemon dressing makes this a versatile side dish, and it works well as a bed for baked salmon, grilled chicken, or grilled tofu cubes, too.

Get the recipe from Giadzy.

Aqua Pizza (Spicy Sea Bass)

The succulent sea bass has a luxurious texture and a light, meaty flavour. Pair it with spicy tomato sauce, and you’ll have a bright and nutritious winter dinner on your hands.

Get the recipe from Giadzy.

White Beans and Tuscan Kale

Beans are not much appreciated, especially since they make a very comfort food. This dish of Tuscan white beans and cabbage turns creamy and dreamy after simmering for a long time with garlic, sage, and olive oil, making your kitchen smell generous. It’s also rich in vegetable protein, and has plenty of fiber thanks to both beans and kale.

Get the recipe from Giadzy.

Sheet Pan Parmesan Shrimp & Vegetables

This classic De Laurentiis recipe deserves to be reintroduced in the new year. After all, what’s tastier (or easier) than roasting shrimp and vegetables together on a griddle, then sprinkling them with Parmesan cheese and a drizzle of lemon juice?

Get the recipe from Giadzy.

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