How Tia Morey uses food to help manage endometriosis

For Tia Morey, food is medicine and love at the same time. Here’s the actor and author of the new cookbook quick fix kitchen She shares how healthy eating started her healthy journey and offers tips to make cooking fun, easy and delicious.

Healthy eating has changed your life. Tell us about it.

“I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my twenties. I had two surgeries. My doctor said, ‘If you don’t want a third one, you’ll have to change your lifestyle.’ She put me on the right eating path. I learned that certain foods promote inflammation in the body.” This is important because endometriosis is a highly inflammatory condition. I saw a huge shift in my health when I started eating organic and avoiding anything overly processed. Now I focus on real foods—vegetables, protein, grains. Foods that come from the earth.”

You head a wellness company called Anser. What inspired you to start it?

“The trigger has been my personal journey to wellness. Besides the painful menstrual cramps caused by endometriosis, I also had migraines and bad eczema. I started eating healthy foods, doing yoga, taking supplements, and meditating, and I saw a huge change in my body. These problems are gone. .

“At the same time, I realized that there weren’t any women of color in the wellness arena. I had never seen anyone look like me, and I wanted to change that. So I started Anser, a line of nutritional supplements that help us reach our health potential. I want it to be available to everyone. , so it is important to me that they are reasonably priced but still of high quality.I am very proud of that.

“What drives me is inspiring others to believe in themselves. Acting is so important in wellness and cooking. I want people to say, ‘She looks like me. If she can do that, I can do that too.'”

People were cooking a lot these days. How can they make it fun again?

“My job, especially with the book, is to inspire people to have fun, prepare delicious meals, and not feel overwhelmed. Ultimately, cooking is about creating memories with your family. Some of my favorite moments are Sundays, when our whole family makes breakfast together. My son Cree, 9, Helps with preparation. Loves mixing things up. He also rests on the stove and helps with making eggs. My daughter, Cairo, 3, has a little ladder to stand on to help. Growing up, I used to cook with my family I still remember those times – they are so dear Ali. Cooking together as a family is a bonding experience.”

What are your favorite foods to prepare?

“Pasta for sure. There is a very good macaroni and cheese recipe in the book. What I love about it is that you pour the milk into the pan with the pasta so it absorbs the flavor while it’s cooking. Gives the richness of macaroni and cheese.

Also steak, chicken, salmon. I like to try a cast iron skillet – it’s one of my favorites. I love a good sear. You can get a nice cast-iron crust, especially if you’re working with salmon. It starts with caramel, and that’s when you get all the flavor. I make steak and chicken this way too, sear them in the skillet and finish them in the oven. it is delicious. “

What tools and tricks do you use to make good cooking faster and simpler?

“I’m a huge fan of pans—you can make your whole meal on them. The trick is to cut all the ingredients the same size so everything is evenly and thoroughly cooked. And paper pans aren’t just for dinner. I even make pancakes out of pans, which is a great way to cook a lot of them quickly.” .

“Another quick fix is ​​to use store-bought dough. I made some cast iron skillet pizza with it. Simply roll out the dough to fit the cast iron skillet, add the toppings you want, and pop it in the oven. Within minutes, you’ll have a pizza Delicious homemade.

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