How to eat healthy during wedding season: 5 easy tips and tricks

Wedding season is in full swing in the country from October to January. With multiple wedding invitations, our social events calendar is definitely bustling during this time. We have seen a record number of weddings taking place in various destinations across India. Indian weddings come with a range of festive occasions or rituals that span days, most of which feature an array of delicious foods. With a number of delicacies on display at the lavish buffet, it is all too easy to give in to our cravings to eat and enjoy to our heart’s content. However, it is also possible to eat healthy food and avoid accumulating extra kilograms during the wedding season.

Wedding Season Diet Tips: Weddings don’t have to involve constant binge eating.

“It is difficult to maintain a regular diet and exercise routine during the wedding season. However, it is necessary to strike a balance so that one does not overdo anything,” says Shalini Arvind, Senior Dietitian at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru. “Those with diabetes, those with clinical conditions such as kidney or liver problems, or those with dietary or medical restrictions should always be careful and only consume what nutritionists recommend,” Arvind adds.

So, follow these 5 tips and tricks and get rid of the guilt feeling after the wedding season.

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Wedding Season Diet Tips: Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you stay fit in the shady season.

5 tips and tricks for healthy eating during the wedding season:

1. Plan meals in advance

The key to healthy eating during wedding season is planning. Plan your meals for the entire day around the wedding. For example, if you are attending a lunch party, have a light dinner or vice versa. This will balance the calorie count and allow your digestive system some time to rest.

It’s also a good idea to have a small meal before going out for the wedding. This will keep you full and not get bogged down once the wedding food is served. “Have a small snack and go to the festivities so you don’t feel hungry, and end up eating whatever is served,” says Shilpa Arora, nutritionist and macrobiotic health coach.

2. Exercise portion control

Eating carefully and eating small portions can make a real difference to your diet. Portion control is also a great way to eat what you want, without overdoing it infinitely. For example, if you want to eat Gulab Jamun – try to limit your intake to only one piece and no more. This will balance your food cravings as well as what is healthy for your body.

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Wedding season diet tips: Be mindful of food portions at wedding parties.

3. Make healthy choices

Believe it or not, there are actually many healthy food options even at lavish wedding buffets. Stay away from foods rich in carbohydrates such as pizza, pasta, or pasta. Try and focus your attention on vegetables, soups, and salads. These will fill you up without storing extra calories. Moreover, choose grilled and baked goods instead of fried. Shilpa Arora recommends, “Avoid bread and naans. Eat grilled or fried options of your favorite vegetables or non-vegetarian meals.”

Dietitian Shalini Arvind recommends, “Munch on appetizers in small servings. Eat different vegetables and reasonable amounts of salads before the main course for filling in high-fiber foods.” For desserts, Arvind says, “Choose an enlightened dessert. Choose something with a side of fruit and low in fat.”

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Wedding season diet tips: Choose healthy desserts that contain more fruit.

4. Hydrates well and detoxes

Even if you end up overeating or overeating at a wedding, don’t worry, just remember to hydrate well and detox after your binge session. After the wedding season, it is very important to keep yourself fully hydrated and detoxify your body to get rid of the extra carbs and fats circulating in your body.

5. Stay active

Although weddings may contain unhealthy food, there are plenty of opportunities to stay healthy too. You can actually get a lot of exercise and physical activity at weddings if you honestly try. Dancing, for example, is a great way to shed extra calories and stay fit and healthy. “Keep super active at weddings. Dancing can be your heart,” says Shilpa Arora.

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Wedding Season Diet Tips: Dance and stay active at weddings.

So, try these tips and tricks this wedding season to stay fit and healthy without compromising on taste!

Disclaimer: This content including tips provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.


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