IR Show: Rebuilding EHPD, Reducing Insurgency, and the Healthy Food Program | editorial

In his first week on the job, new East Helena Mayor Kelly Harris is busy working to straighten out the chaos caused by the city’s police department.

Former city police chief William Harrington resigned before pleading guilty to distributing child pornography last year, and every remaining East Helena officer has since resigned.

In a lengthy conversation with the Independent Register, both Harris and the city’s legal counsel were very candid in describing the problems that led to the current situation. They also detailed plans to provide temporary police services through emergency assignments, partner with the Lewis and Clark County Police Office, and significantly increase the starting salary of officers to attract and retain the best talent for the long term.

We commend the new mayor for his openness and frankness, and for making reforming the East Helena Police Department a top priority.

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As many were in one year’s mourning for the mutiny in our nation’s Capitol Thursday, Helena’s memorial organizers dismissed the idea of ​​a rebellion.

On January 6, 2021, a mob of former President Donald Trump’s supporters force their way through police lines to the US Capitol, forcing lawmakers to flee for safety as they try to certify the Electoral College vote in the 2020 presidential election. Innocent victims Many died during and after the attack, and at least 727 people, including two from the Helena area, were charged for their role.

Although the organizers of Helena’s March consider themselves patriotic, there is nothing patriotic in belittling this illegal and dangerous attempt to overthrow the US government.

A new program is helping residents of the Helena area who are dealing with both food insecurity and medical conditions that require a special diet.

Through the new Food is Care program, Helena Food Share and St. Peter’s Health collects and delivers boxes of specially selected food items to help recipients manage or improve their health.

This can literally be a life saver for those with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. Thanks to Helena Food Share and St. Peter’s Health to look out for our neighbors who are dealing with this double whammy.

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