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Created: Jan 11, 2022 at 07:55 AM

Micah Braggman (Photo by Blair Simmons)

A woman suffering from liver poisoning and malnutrition has warned the public to be careful about the food they eat.

Mikia Brangmann, 33, said it has been difficult for Bermudians to eat a good diet due to cost and easy access to unhealthy foods.

She added that a poor diet was easy to develop, but could become dangerous earlier in life than many think.

Speaking after revealing she had to go to the UK for treatment for a serious stomach problem, Ms Brangmann said: “I think a lot of the foods we get in Bermuda have to be monitored and changed.

“A lot of times we eat what we eat here because we can afford it, but it’s not healthy.”

She added, “I was definitely one of those kids who grew up on chicken nuggets and popsicles and soda and things like that.

“We have to really educate our parents about what we feed our children because it starts from that age.”

Ms. Brangman, an Endeavor Youth sailing instructor, has struggled for nearly 13 years with an increase in gut bacteria that has stopped the absorption of nutrients in food.

She is now malnourished and weighs less than 90 pounds.

Ms Brangmann, who was diagnosed last Monday, learned that metals had built up in her liver, raising toxic levels in the organ and preventing her from eating many types of foods or drinks.

Ms Brangmann said she started getting sick when she first moved to Europe and tried to change her diet.

She added that she believes her body is rejecting a healthy diet because it is not used to it.

Ms Brangmann said: “I don’t agree with the way Bermuda is going with our food.

“I think something like this could have been prevented and could be prevented for other people who take their health seriously.”

Ms Brangmann said she found it difficult to eat healthy food on the island due to the expenses, despite being single and without children.

“Healthy foods cost an arm and a leg when they have to be in reverse — sugary cereals and all should be high and the produce should be cheap.

“We need to find a way where it is affordable for everyone, or else people’s health will go down.

“I think that’s why our sugar level is so high.”

She added, “I think Bermudians drink a lot.

“I could raise my hand and say I’ve been there, but this whole Covid thing is making matters worse when it comes to poor drinkers and eaters, when in fact it should make us more careful of health.”

Ms Brangman started a GoFundMe page on Wednesday to raise money to help her attend a specialist program in the UK.

Yesterday it hit £4,200 from its target of £6,500 – around $8,832.

“I think Bermuda needs to take these digestive issues – especially young people – very seriously,” she added.

Micah Braggman (Photo by Blair Simmons)


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