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December 27, 2021

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By current staff in San Antonio

It’s roughly the time of year that San Antonio residents make decisions and see how long they can stick to.

Many of the most popular New Year’s resolutions revolve around eating healthy, but it sure helps to stick to that plan when you have access to food that’s not only good for you but delicious as well. We rounded up 30 local sites that were able to check both boxes.

Vigan Street
2512 N. Main Ave., (210) 332-9284,

This new vegan joint focuses exclusively on vegan and gluten-free foods in the Monte Vista neighborhood of SA. The menu is extensive, with items for brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as milkshakes and smoothies.
Image via Instagram / veganvenue

Roots salad kitchen
403 Blue Star #106, (210) 701-8064,

Located a mile from San Antonio’s central business district, this new, health-focused joint serves an array of acai bowls, make-your-own wraps, and loaded salads, including a Tex-Mex variety and one topped with Jamaican chicken.
Photo via Instagram / rootsaladkitchen

polo project
Multiple sites,

This fast-growing South African-based vegetarian chain offers vegetarian versions of chicken staples, including tenders, chicken buffalo pasta and cheese, and an array of fried sandwiches. There’s also a range of vegan side items to satisfy those who hate meat alternatives.
Image via Instagram / project_pollo

Multiple websites,

The Washington, D.C.-based informal Cava model allows hungry customers to fill plates to the brim with their choice of spreads, proteins, dressings and toppings in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of South Australia.
Image via Instagram / cava

312 Burke Parkway, (210) 465-7065,

Juice lovers can pick up these and more from this new venture in the food court of the bottling department at The Pearl. This spot dispenses smoothies made with modifiers like plant-based proteins, whey isolates, creatine, turmeric, collagen, and cold brew coffee shots.
Image via Instagram/kineapple_

Revolution coffee + juice
Multiple Sites, (210) 701-0725,

Sweet and healthy? Revolution Coffee offers both on their menu! Cold pressed juices and bowls of acai are their specialty and this shows their attention to detail. They even offer a complete detox to help get a fresh start to 2021.
Image via Instagram / revolucionsa

Soar acai bowls
Multiple Sites

Living up to the occasion, Rise Up serves up handcrafted Acai dishes, fruit smoothies, and more. The delicious fruit clusters will keep you feeling refreshed and ready for the day without compromising any decisions along the way.
Image via Instagram / Riseupsatx

The good kind Southtown
1127 Saint Mary Street, (210) 801-5892,

Good Kind uses sustainably sourced ingredients to create light shows with great flavor. The delicious menu makes it clear that eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to skip breakfast and lunch.
Image via Instagram/goodkindsouthtown

farm schedule
812 S Alamo St #112, (210) 802-1860,

Pharm Schedule makes it easy to keep your resolutions this year by offering pre-made meal plans. There are many holistic food options like vegan, protein, and keto flex diets, so no matter how you like to eat them, we’ve got you covered!
Image via Instagram / Pharmtable

essential juice
17803 La Cantera Terrace #8119, (210) 474-6564,

Their juice menu is categorized by the benefits of each group, so no matter what your goal is, you can be sure you’re on the right track. Kale-idoscope for example – it’s anti-inflammatory but pro-taste!
Image via Instagram / juicessential

mr vegetables
620 S Presa St, (210) 228-0073,

For cheat days in 2021, Señor Veggie is the only way to go. Their menu is entirely vegetarian and vegan, which means you can feel a little better eating tacos, nachos, and even pizza.
Image via Instagram / senorveggie

sweet potato
218 N Cherry St, (210) 229-9267,

Organic and from sustainable sources? Yes please! Sweet Yams offers amazing meal plans, appetizers, and Southern favorites like vegan chile, Southern veggies, and of course, organic smoothies. If you’re looking for an extra dessert, we recommend the Sweet Potato Cupcake.
Image via Instagram / sweetyamsorganic

606 W Cypress St, (210) 227-2683,

It is much easier to choose healthy options when they taste this goodness. The Cove serves organic, sustainable, locally sourced meals. With menu options from Vegetable Super Nachos to Naked Salad, the choice between a cheat day or a snack is entirely up to you.
Image via Instagram / thecovesa

Tapatio Vegetarian Taco
623 Urban Loop, +19569990170,

It couldn’t be better than authentic Mexican food, especially when it’s completely vegan. The entire Tapatio menu is made from scratch and even uses biodegradable packaging—meaning you can feel satisfied with every aspect of your meal, from start to finish.
Image via Instagram / tapatiovegantacos

Primitive juices and juices
Multiple sites,

By offering a carefully crafted juice combo menu, Primal makes it easy to stick to your goals this year. They even offer dessert mixes to curb cravings for fresh fruit.
Image via Instagram / Primaljuicesa

914 East Al Meera, 0054 943 (210),

Juicers have everything you could want in a juice bar. Not only can you get cold-pressed, made-to-order juice, but they also offer meal-replacement juices and smoothies.
Photo via Instagram / squeezersco

Healthy Eating LLC
13455 Blanco Rd., (913) 522-3098,

Keto, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free diets all have a home at this healthy bakery. They even ship across the country, so your out-of-town friends and family can enjoy these crazy-cool treats.
Image via Instagram / wholesomeeatingllc

Go vegan San Antonio
14530 Roadrunner Way, PHONE,

This vegan food cart makes it easy to get rid of meat and dairy and eat something really special.
Image via Instagram / govegansatx

9873 Colonnade Street, (210) 541-0404,

Healthy meals made just for you with an unbeatable variety. Zedric’s offers complete, healthy meals with accommodations for nearly every dietary restriction. Whether you’re eating a protein pancake breakfast or a turkey ragu for two, you’ll enjoy every bite.
Image via Instagram / zedricks

Pasha Mediterranean Grill
Multiple sites,

Fresh, light and always delicious. Pasha has all your Mediterranean favorites, but the spin is almost certain to be your hero. Seasoned to perfection, this simple dish makes a hearty and exciting lunch.
Image via Instagram / pasha.grill

Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop
8065 Callaghan Road, (210) 993-0748,

You had a great week sticking to your eating plans? It may be time for treatment. Baked with love and without animal products, this shop is the place to sell vegan baked goods — and more.
Photo via Instagram / misschickpeasbakeshop

Cake Thief Bakery
514 El Paso Cake Street –

They may be cake thieves but the only thing they’ll steal is your heart. This vegan-friendly cheat day eatery makes pastries that look too good to eat—but that doesn’t stop us. Order a few of their popular vegan chicken sandwiches and you’ll have a Friday night to show off.
Image via Instagram / cakethievesbakery

Benn mattress
13469 Whitmore Road, (210) 364-1678,

Teddy Ben makes a sloppy atmosphere like no other. Their entire menu is vegan based and locally sourced, and they also serve different types of flavors like pizza and fiesta!
Photo via Instagram / tidybens

vegan hash eats
5007 Flores Street, (210) 332-9244,

Pastries, tacos, and yes, even hash — all without any animal products. Need a drink to go with that? Try one of our signature non-alcoholic cocktails!
Image via Instagram /

jojo juice
Multiple sites,

Whether you’re just starting your day or have a mid-afternoon snack, the fresh flavors of Energize Cold Pressed Juice, a Jugo Juicery favorite, will get your blood pumping. With nutrient-rich ingredients like orange, apple, lemon, carrot and ginger, your body will be very happy with you.
Image via Instagram, jugojuicery

Viva Nigeria
1422 Nogaletos Street, (210) 465-9233,

BBQ Tacos, Mole Poblano, and Nachos del Picadillo; Are they all vegan and gluten-free? We said it right. This downtown spot boasts a huge menu with unexpected botanical touches.
Photo via Instagram / vivavegeriasa

Powerhouse Bakery
4902 Golden Quail Ste 101, (210) 354-7996,

Continuing to follow a certain diet does not mean missing out on all the good things. This dietitian-run store is 100% gluten-free and also offers sweets, vegan and keto foods.
Image via Instagram/powerhousebakery

Thai Vegetarian
15614 Hubner Rd. #113, (210) 257-0090,

When it comes to fresh and vibrant vegetarian food, Thai Vegan is the place to go. Their dishes are mouthwatering and perfectly seasoned, and we even knew some meat lovers would choose this place for lunch based on the sheer taste of the food.
Image via Instagram / alamocity.vegans

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Vigan Street
2512 N. Main Ave., (210) 332-9284,

This new vegan joint focuses exclusively on vegan and gluten-free foods in the Monte Vista neighborhood of SA. The menu is extensive, with items for brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as milkshakes and smoothies.
Image via Instagram / veganvenue

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