Vegan ready to help you eat vegan meals

Ah, January. The boys and I go back to school. Frank returned to his writing. Our lovable old dog is back to barking screaming exactly 15 seconds after being left outside.

Eid decorations are packaged. (Well played, Neighbors with the Skeleton Army set up – or destroyed? – a festively lit evergreen tree. Also kudos to our neighbors with plywood daffodils swimming in a sea of ​​candy canes. A lot of people’s holiday decorations have been amazing lately, but they were These are some of our family favourites.)

At this time of year, many of us are faced with a challenge or decisions, somehow to start 2022 on a meaningful note. We would like to suggest that you incorporate more plant foods into your life! Resolve to eat more plants is a great way to align your diet to serve your health, compassion, and your planet.

But where do you start?

Try these recipes:Cook some fun, kid-friendly vegetarian recipes

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