Weight loss diet plan: How to maintain a healthy weight during the holidays

Dieters don’t need to worry about tipping the scales in the new year if they incorporate these small changes this holiday season.

They suggested that those who snack out of sheer boredom should avoid them all together, but those who are hungry should eat fruit, vegetables, and nuts; This is a filling and contains no added sugars or trans fats.

All is well, people will have plenty of opportunities to mingle and mingle (safely) during the festive period.

But with the promise of evening festivities comes the temptation to save calories in the evening.

Skipping meals during the day to get ready for a night of eating and drinking is a surefire way to ensure overeating.

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It can even slow down a person’s metabolism, leading to weight gain over time.

Dieters can control their appetite and avoid food cravings by starting the day with a nutritious and filling breakfast; Health Line recommended options like eggs, Greek yogurt, wholemeal toast, or nuts.

Drinking is a major catalyst for weight gain during the festive period.

Between family gatherings, meeting up with friends, and business parties, alcoholic beverages flow freely throughout the season.

To avoid accumulating kilograms, be careful when ordering drinks, and choose low-calorie drinks such as vodka soda instead of eggnog.

While it’s a “must” to eat one cup during the holiday season, according to Delish, just one cup of the stuff can have upwards of 400 calories.

Another alcohol hack, introduced by Weight Loss Resources, is to supplement your glass of wine with diet soda or lemonade to “make it last two and a half calories.”

To avoid dreaded snacking, dieters can alternate between alcoholic beverages and water throughout their social events.

Christmas weather is nice, and when dieters hesitate to take on the cold for a walk or run, they can find solace in the marvel of an at-home workout.

Dr. Michael Mosley shared some of his top tips for indoor exercises with Studio 10: “You can do a lot of exercises at home, like push-ups and squats. These exercises are really good for your mood and good for building muscle.”

In a video by BBC Earth Lab, Dr. Michael shared that people can actually get fitter with “one minute a week” HIIT training, which includes short periods of intense exercise that pushes the body to its limits.

Those who want to maintain a healthy weight while on vacation can do minute exercises like shoulder presses, burpees, and star jumps, followed by short periods of recovery.

Stream a Christmas song and try it out—this season, after all.

For those who can stand the cold, inviting friends for a walk or run is the perfect motivation.

Exercising is more fun when loved ones join in, plus no one wants to leave their workout buddy with a last minute cancellation.

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