Weight loss: man shares how he lost 1.5 by cutting one thing from the diet

Cosmin Cernica is a content creator and luxury fashion designer. Based in London and Dubai, his job takes him to glamorous parties, events and events that often include plenty of alcohol and rich foods.

In 2020, Kuzmin realized that his lifestyle was negatively affecting his mental health as it affected his weight, which in turn affected his perception of himself.

He said, “I have always loved to get involved in all things luxury. I have worked with many different elite brands that have given me a different way of living.

“I started eating more and drinking more, which of course isn’t always a bad thing, but it led me down a new path I hadn’t experienced before.”

“It got to the point where I had glasses of champagne for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” the 28-year-old explained.

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He continued, “Then I’d go to different events and red carpets, which results in more glasses of champagne.

“I felt like I was drinking more champagne than I was drinking water.

“My body should be half made of champagne at this point.”

In January 2021, Kuzmin decided that something had to change. He said, “With all the fun that came from this kind of lifestyle, I wanted to stop.

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“I’ve struggled with my weight enough and thought it definitely wasn’t helping.

“I chose to spend one month and then one month away from drinking, so, I started this one in January 2021.”

A year later, Kuzmin saw the “big difference she made” in his body and mind.

“My body doesn’t feel bothered by the overload,” he explained.

Cosmin replaced the alcohol with plenty of water and started drinking green tea in the morning, which “makes me feel energized all day”.

In just one month of avoiding alcohol, the fashion designer lost 20 pounds, or a stone and a half.

“I didn’t quite believe the scales,” he said.

“Everyone around me told me they noticed a difference in myself and it was just so weird that I lost so much weight just to stop drinking.”

Today, Kuzmin still does not drink alcohol at all every two months.

“I make alcohol a therapy, not a routine,” he said.

The 28-year-old also ensures a balanced diet and replacement of “one meal with juice – it’s different fruits and vegetables mixed together”.

“I don’t do anything too extreme, I just have balance,” he said.

“I would allow myself a treat once a week, like some brownie or chocolate.”

As for exercise, Cosmin does a “disco cycle” two to three times a week with a few friends.

“It’s very intense but fun at the same time,” he added.

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