Weight loss: Michael Mosley shares the best diet to keep hunger at bay

Dr. Michael Mosley often shares his tips on losing weight with skinny people online as well as on TV. He created The Fast 800 – a diet plan that helps people lose weight fast.

The Fast 800 diet consists of three phases: intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, and the Mediterranean diet.

Intermittent fasting can be difficult if skinny people start to feel hungry.

However, Dr. Mosley did share his top tips on how to feel fuller for longer.

His secret is to eat foods rich in protein and fiber, as well as choose the right nutritional supplements for meals.

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The doctor said, “The best way to prevent hunger when intermittent fasting is to use something like a meal replacement shake.

Follow the Fast 800 program, as it has been carefully calibrated to ensure that it gives you maximum nutrients and maximum fiber and protein.

“The reason people get hungry is because they eat something very high in sugar or carbs, so they get a massive spike in their blood sugar levels and then they crash and then go hungry.

“I find that if I eat something that has a lot of fiber and a lot of nutrients, I really don’t feel hungry at all.

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“And if I’m going to snack, I’ll pick a small handful of nuts or something.

“That really takes the edge away.

“It’s important to eat the right amounts of protein, I mean around 50 grams a day.”

Excluding sugar from the diet is not only effective in keeping hunger at bay, it can also help slim your waistline.

Dr. Mosley said the fat around the waist or abdomen is one of the more “stubborn” fats and hard to target, but eating less sugars can help reduce it.

The nutrition expert said: “To make a serious impact on belly fat, eliminating sugar spikes is key.

“There are a surprising number of snacks and drinks that are high in sugar, and are marketed as diet foods because they are low in fat.”

The doctor recommended “limiting any food or drink containing more than five percent sugar to no more than twice a week.

This includes sweet fruits like mango and pineapple, and sugary smoothies and juices.

“Likewise, replace processed carbs like white bread, potato chips, and pasta with slow-release energy sources, like brown rice or quinoa.”

Again, whole grain foods can keep the skinniest from feeling full for longer, which leads to weight loss.

Other whole grains to include in a healthy diet are barley, buckwheat, finger millet or ragi.

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