What are you watching – Life Sciences 2022 | by Amy Cruz | Furniture Transfer Factory | January 2022

What surprises may this year hold?

2022 Predictions

Although I’m not a professional forecaster, I’ve had the good fortune to personally interact with hundreds of life sciences companies last year. In fact, Prime Movers Lab saw more than 3,000 opportunities last year, an astonishing number of deals. While it sounds intense (it is!), it did give me a little bit of perspective on the overall life sciences landscape. This flow of deals has also given me hope, very optimistic hope, as I see the amazing progress that is happening in biotechnology. It is so inspiring to interact with and interact with these founders every day as we strive to impact the lives of billions of people together. As others have declared, we are truly in the golden age of biotechnology and I am so grateful to the teams working on these challenging issues to improve our whole lives. Although it’s certainly not an exhaustive list – here are ten things to watch in 2022.

runaway cancer

General Breakthrough for Narcotic Medicine

Bioelectronic medicine will give drugs a run for their money

A thriving year for mushrooms, not just magic mushrooms

The world is within us (and upon us)

Telehealth and home diagnostic services

Neuroscience data, artificial intelligence, and middleware

Biology on the blockchain

Vaccines are not just for infectious diseases anymore!

regenerative medicine

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