What is the Wellspring DNA Test in Archive 81? Is Wellspring DNA real?

Netflix’s “Archive 81” follows archivist Dan Turner on a surreal journey as he begins recovering a batch of damaged tapes, only to find it has an ominous power within. Left alone to work at a remote research site, our hero delves into the supernatural world of tapes and discovers that they may be connected to a mysterious company called LMG that hired him. LMG is known for having a finger in nearly every major industry, and they also have a genetics program known as Wellspring DNA. But what is the goal of Wellspring DNA? And does the company really exist, or is it just part of the “Archive 81” universe? Let’s get some answers! spoilers ahead.

What is a Wellspring DNA test?

Wellspring was initially introduced through an old commercial, in which the friendly voice advocates the benefits of having a DNA test done by the company. It turns out Wellspring offers services that allow clients to submit a DNA sample and get a genealogy report. Essentially, Wellspring offers DNA ancestry testing, at least according to its announcement.

Of course, since Wellspring is part of the LMG, it’s no surprise that the genetics subsidiary has been involved in some shadowy affairs. It appears that a hidden section of the remote search facility where Dan recovers the tapes is used to store records from Wellspring operations. Since the now-defunct genetics company analyzed clients’ DNA samples, there is now a huge stockpile of human blood and gene reports that LMG has stored at the remote research facility.

Although the use of blood samples and reports are not mentioned, one character suggests Wellspring may have been a front for the forces behind the LMG’s search for someone. Given that Virgil Davenport started Wellspring (in 2006), a potential ominous target for DNA seems more than likely. Davenport appears to have opened Wellspring in order to find those with magical blood (possibly Baldong) so he could involve them in a plot.

Interestingly, in the Season 1 finale, Dan plans to use old Wellspring blood samples to recreate the cult’s blood magic ceremony. In the end, he doesn’t have to because the Baldong witch comes to his aid.

Is Wellspring DNA real?

No, Wellspring DNA is not a real company. It’s a fictional subsidiary of the mysterious LMG that hires Dan Turner to restore tapes from the Visser Building. As mentioned earlier, Wellspring DNA is a swindler even in the “Archive 81” universe since it was closed. Davenport describes it as a pet project of his own, and although Wellspring’s goals have been declared benign, it is likely that her connection to genetics will be used to further the vague plans of the powerful CEO. Notably, the people’s remaining blood samples and genealogical reports are still stored in the LMG research facility and can be used ominously.

In fact, DNA testing exists and is widely available. Many companies offer DNA test kits that customers can use to get detailed reports about their lineage and ancestry (if records are available). As more and more people test for their DNA, databases are updated with their information, making it easier to find ancestral links between different individuals through their genetics.

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